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They soak up vitamins and minerals. They also store food for the plant.
a) roots
b) fruit
c) leaves
d) Flintstone vitamins

Make food (sugar) for the plant. They also take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air.
a) stem
b) leaves
c) roots
d) lungs

Supports the plant. It has many thin tubes that carry water, minerals, and food throughout the plant.
a) pipes
b) roots
c) stem
d) leaves

Part of the plant that makes seeds.
a) leaves
b) roots
c) Redners
d) flower

Protect and hold the seeds of the plant. Animals eat these, and help the seeds spread to different areas.
a) fruit
b) sugar
c) leaves
d) Snack Mac Wrap

Green pigment that is found in plants' leaves. It helps the plant make food.
a) sugar
b) Kermit the Frog
c) chlorophyll
d) oxygen

Process that use plants use to make food. The plant turns sunlight, chlorophyll, and carbon dioxide into food (sugar) and oxygen.
a) George Foreman Grill
b) chlorophyll
c) oxygen
d) photosynthesis

Type of food that plants make in their leaves. Also called glucose
a) Cheese Puffs
b) sugar
c) oxygen
d) fruit

Type of gas (air) given off during photosynthesis. People and animals need this to breathe.
a) stem
b) lungs
c) carbon dioxide
d) oxygen

Type of gas (air) needed by plants for photosynthesis. Plants use this and produce oxygen. People and animals creat much of this that help plants stay alive.
a) carbon dioxide
b) sugar
c) hydrogen
d) oxygen

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