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Accumulated effect of one’s behavior that determines one’s next level in life is:
a) Dharma
b) Karma
c) Varna
d) Reincarnation

Indian society is divided into:
a) Dharma
b) Karma
c) Varna
d) Purdah

The caste system is a:
a) Religion System
b) Social System
c) Government System
d) School System

Gandhi influenced this twentieth century American
a) Malcolm X
b) Martin L. King Jr.
c) Lucretia Mott
d) John F. Kennedy

Hinduism’s single supreme force
a) Shiva
b) Vishnu
c) Brahman
d) Atman

India’s form of government
a) Communist
b) Democratic Monarchy
c) Dictatorship
d) Oligarchy

The large plateau region found in the southern part of India is the
a) Thar
b) Kalahari
c) Namib
d) Deccan

How has the government helped the untouchables?
a) Lowered all National Taxes
b) Purified Them
c) Made Gandhi their unofficial leader
d) Outlawed Castes

The ideal Indian family is
a) Divorced
b) Extended
c) Nuclear
d) Joint

In India, social and religious conflicts have occurred between Hindus and
a) Buddhists
b) Shintos
c) Muslims
d) Christians

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