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5. Which of the following is a characteristic of an effective sport/event logo:
a) Remote
b) Timeless
c) Practical
d) Ambiguous

4. When creating tickets for a sport/event, organizations often embed special watermarks into the ticket design to
a) boost fan attendance rates
b) reduce the tickets' printing costs
c) discourage counterfeiting activities
d) keep fans from getting thirsty

3. What rule of thumb will help event/sport marketers develop a memorable logo?
a) It should be elaborate and flashy
b) It should include clip art
c) It should be clear and simple
d) It should contain at least three colors

2. Which of the following are the most important considerations when designing a basketball team's logo:
a) Mascot and team size
b) Team name and team size
c) Team colors and team name
d) Location and mascot

1. What do some professional sport teams do to promote renewed interest in a team that is losing support from fans?
a) Redesign logos
b) Increase prices
c) Send newsletters
d) Change sponsors

5. The relationship between a sponsor and a sport entity is often described as a
a) merger
b) partnership
c) buyout
d) takeover

4. When NASCAR fans list the sponsors featured on their favorite driver's car or clothing, they are demonstrating
a) ambush marketing
b) sponsorship clutter
c) public service
d) brand recognition

3. If Coca-Cola is the only soft-drink sponsor of your favorite team, Coca-Cola is considered a(n) ____________ sponsor
a) dynamic
b) large-business
c) sole
d) exclusive

Mask Company set up a hospitality tent outside the Olympics arena. Its goal was to encourage patrons to view it as an Olympics sponsor even though it had not paid sponsorship fees. This is an example of _____________ marketing
a) target
b) ambush
c) direct
d) internet

1. Information about sponsorship, cost, marketing opportunities, and audience demographics are examples of information
a) provided to ambush marketers
b) included in a sponsorship proposal
c) included in event programs
d) provided in the city hosting the event

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