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Clouds usually form on the windward sides of mountains because this is where air
a) rises and cools
b) rises and warms
c) sinks and cools
d) sinks and warms

Which particle will most likely settle to the bottom first as the velocity of this stream decreases?
a) Density = 3.8 g/mL
b) Density = 1.8 g/mL
c) Density = 0.8 g/mL
d) Density = 2.8 g/mL

Which property would best distinguish sediment deposited by a river from sediment deposited by a glacier?
a) mineral composition of the sediment
b) amount of sediment sorting
c) thickness of sediment layers
d) age of fossils found in the sediment

How can a model river be changed to increase the amount of sediment transported by it?
a) decrease the temperature of the sediment
b) decrease the slope
c) increase the size of the sediment
d) increase the rate of the water flow

Which agent is mainly responsible for the most erosion found in New York State?
a) wind
b) waves
c) streams
d) glaciers

The streambank on the outside of this meander is steeper than the streambank on the inside of this meander because the water on the outside of this meander is moving
a) slower, causing deposition
b) faster, causing deposition
c) slower, causing erosion
d) faster, causing erosion

Which event is the best example of erosion?
a) breaking apart of shale as a result of water freezing in a crack
b) dissolving of rock particles on a limestone gravestone by acid rain
c) rolling of a pebble along the bottom of a stream
d) crumbling of bedrock in one area to form soil

Which set of surface soil conditions on a hillside would result in the most infiltration of rainfall?
a) gentle slope, unsaturated soil, vegetation
b) gentle slope, saturated soil, no vegetation
c) steep slope, saturated soil, vegetation
d) steep slope, unsaturated soil, no vegetation

Chemical weathering occurs typically in
a) warm and humid climates
b) cold and humid climates
c) warm and dry climates
d) cold and dry climates

Physical weathering occurs typically in
a) cold and humid climates
b) warm and humid climates
c) warm and dry climates
d) cold and dry climates

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