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Ancient Greeks.

Mycenaens could pay their taxes in.....
a) rice, goats, or potatoes
b) honey, sheep, or barley
c) sheep, rice, or livestock
d) honey, wheat, or livestock

Age of great creativity and learning in Athens:
a) Age of Enlightment
b) Age of Pericles
c) Age of Persia
d) Age of Aristocrats

The Minoans made their living as.....
a) soldiers
b) farmers
c) fishermen
d) traders

Rules with total authority
a) Warner school
b) traders
c) tyrants
d) hoplites

Defenders of the Kingdom
a) tyrants
b) hoplites
c) traders
d) satraps

Could not leave home without a male relative:
a) lower-class Sparta women
b) lower-class Athenian women
c) Upper-class Sparta women
d) upper-class Athenian women

The ________________ focused on government and education
a) Sparta
b) Athens
c) hoplites
d) satraps

Ordinary citizens in the army were called:
a) satraps
b) hoplites
c) traders
d) tyrants

Workers hauled 20,000 tons of marble and took 15 years to build this:
a) The Great Pyramid
b) Mount Rushmore
c) Parthenon
d) The Great Wall of China

In a direct democracy, who decides government matters?
a) only the leaders
b) all the people
c) men
d) women

The ______________ League began as an alliance to protect the Greeks from the Persians.
a) Justice
b) National Football
c) Delian
d) Delos

The Mycenaens came to Greece from
a) Central Asia
b) Persia
c) China
d) Egypt

The History of the Persian Wars was written by...
a) Aspasia
b) Cyrus the Great
c) Herodotus
d) Homer

When the Spartans needed room for expansion, they....
a) spread disease
b) politely asked to expand
c) conquered neighboring land
d) attacked everyone

Which group promised to pass on their fatherland in a better condition?
a) Sparta military
b) Athenian soldiers
c) traders
d) satraps

A narrow body of water with land on both sides
a) strait
b) island
c) peninsula
d) stream

A body of land with ocean on three sides
a) peninsula
b) strait
c) stream
d) gulf

There were 2 Kings of Persia
a) Herodotus and Solon
b) Homer and Asoka
c) Pericles and Confucius
d) Xerxes and Cyrus the Great

The Greeks won the Battle of Salamis because their ships:
a) were larger than all the other ships
b) could move around quickly
c) did not sink
d) were made out of steel

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