Lujan DNA Test Question Preview (ID: 39692)

1st Test Of 9 Weeks.

Who discovered that the amount if adenine in DNA always equals the amount of thymine?
a) Erwin Chargaff
b) Francis Crick
c) Rosalind Franklin
d) James Watson

Each set of three bases is a code for
a) a specific amino acid
b) a specific chromosome
c) a specific cell
d) a specific ribosome

Nucleotides are made of sugar, a phosphate and a
a) base
b) ribosome
c) protein
d) gene

DNA is made of subunits called what?
a) nucelotides
b) deoxyribonucleic acid
c) proteins
d) traits

DNA replication results in...
a) two identical moloecules of DNA one with one original strand and one with a copied strand
b) 1 molecule of new DNA and 1 molecule of old DNA
c) 1 molecule of DNA
d) 2 identical molecules of DNA and 1 original molecule

Mutations are changes in
a) DNA
b) the cell cycle
c) proteins
d) tRNA

Proteins are made up of a sequence of
a) amino acids
b) base pairs
c) chromosomes
d) nucleotides

which base is found only in RNA?
a) uracil
b) guanine
c) thymine
d) adenine

The main function of tRNA in protein synthesis is to
a) transfer amino acids
b) carry proteins to the ribosome
c) transcribe genes from DNA
d) connect nucleotides together

What happens during replication?
a) DNA is copied.
b) RNA is copied.
c) Proteins are made.
d) Ribosomes are made.

The ___ takes the message to the ribosome telling it what protein to produce.
a) mRNA
b) nRNA
c) rRNA
d) tRNA

The bases of the DNA molecule bond with a ____ bond.
a) hydrogen
b) nitrogen
c) covalent
d) peptide

The following would be a nucleotide found in RNA.
a) phosphate, adenine, and ribose
b) phosphate, adenine, and deoxyribose
c) phosphate, thymine, and ribose
d) phosphate, uracil, and deoxyribose

What are the correct base pairings in DNA?
a) A-T and C-G
b) G-U and T-A
c) A-U and C-G
d) C-T and G-A

The first step in making a protein is
a) RNA copying DNA
b) mRNA going to ribosome
c) amino acids linked together
d) transfer RNA matching mRNA

The form of mutation where one base is replaced by another kind
a) substitution
b) mutagen
c) deletion
d) insertion

The process by which the genetic code of DNA is copies into complementary sequence of RNA is called
a) transcription
b) replication
c) transformation
d) translation

In which way does RNA differ from DNA?
a) RNA contains uracil and ribose
b) RNA contains adenine and ribose
c) RNA contains uracil and deoxyribose
d) RNA contains ribose and thymine

A section of DNA with bases ATTCGC will line up with DNA bases

The process of decoding mRNA into a polypeptide chain or a protein is known as
a) translation
b) tranformation
c) replication
d) transcription

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