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1.06 Review For Exam.

What should be included in an event program if it is longer than four pages?
a) Satisfaction survey
b) Table of contents
c) Local news articles
d) Statement of organizers

The ultimate purpose of branding in sport/event marketing is to
a) identify the retailer
b) create awareness
c) obtain a sponsor
d) encourage sales

When designing an event program for a charity event, it is important to
a) include the printing costs on the back cover
b) provide product samples
c) acknowledge the event sponsors
d) offer free admission coupons to other events

A primary reason that many colleges and universities sell the naming rights for their new football stadiums or basketball arenas is to
a) help pay for construction expenses
b) honor a former student-athlete
c) create publicity for the new facility
d) encourage fans to attend sports events

What might a sports organization offer a business to encourage that business to sponsor an event?
a) naming rights
b) percent of profits
c) partial ownership
d) Free advertising

A primary reason that large businesses purchase the naming rights to a new sport/event facility is because it
a) usually increases spectator fan-base loyalty levels
b) is the least expensive way to create name recognition
c) reduces the need to engage in other promotional activities
d) provides exclusivity and has potential to maximize exposure

Athletes are often considered to be particularly effective promoting products related to their
a) education
b) background
c) sport
d) lifestyle

A celebrity who is paid to use a product and discuss its effectiveness during a lengthy TV commercial is giving a(n)
a) personal observation
b) testimonial
c) interview
d) sales presentation

A celebrity's appearing in a commercial for a soft drink while wearing a certain brand of clothing and holding a certain brand of tennis racquet is an example of
a) cross-promotion
b) public relations
c) team-building
d) personal selling

Which of the following is an example of a celebrity endorsing an event simply by being associated with it:
a) saying a tournament is great
b) Attending a grand opening
c) Appearing in a print ad
d) Cheering for a football team

Sports marketers have an advantage over all other types of licensors in the international marketplace because
a) soccer is so popular
b) sports are universally appealing
c) foreign countries are usually wealthy
d) they already make so much money in the U.S. market

Which of the following is an example of a licensed product:
a) NASCAR earrings
b) Buick invitational golf tournament
c) Converse shoes
d) Wheaties cereal box featuring an athlete

What are royalties?
a) A percentage of expected sales
b) A percentage of actual sales
c) A percentage of union dues
d) A percentage of taxes

The basis for licensing process is
a) the fans
b) manufacturing.
c) trademarked property
d) sponsorship

Team-related factors that affect brand equity include
a) schedule, coaches, and reputation
b) tradition, performance, and star athletes
c) performance, coaches, and star athletes
d) star athletes, schedule, and tradition

Which of the following statements is true regarding sports marketing:
a) Corporations sponsor sporting events to decrease their brand recognition
b) The distribution of licensed sports apparel is an effective way to create team and brand awareness
c) The use of high-profile athletes to endorse products does not increase brand recognition
d) Sports marketing encompasses only the radio and television media.

The team name, mascot, and logo are important elements that a sport/event organization uses to create and maintain
a) financial accountability
b) brand awareness
c) image extension
d) market segmentation

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