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Making changes in the genetic material (DNA) of an organism to change the characteristics of the organism
a) Genetic Engineering
b) Cloning
c) Recombinant DNA
d) Somatic Cell

Taking a piece of DNA from one organism and combining it with a strand of DNA from another organism.
a) Gel Electrophoresis
b) Recombinant DNA
c) Humane Genome
d) Enzymes

Proteins which are used to cut DNA into short fragments.
a) Somatic Cells
b) Clone
c) Enzymes
d) Genome

The process used to separate DNA fragments of an organism
a) Recombinant DNA
b) Gene Therapy
c) Paternity Test
d) Gel Electrophoresis

The “map” that develops after DNA is passed through a gel. Used to solve crimes and in determining the parents of a child
a) DNA Fingerprint
b) Gene Therapy
c) Gel Electrophoresis
d) Agarose

A normal body cell (skin, hair, blood, etc) with a full set of chromosomes… Not the sperm or egg.
a) Sex Cell (Sperm or Egg)
b) Somatic Cell
c) Enzyme
d) Clone

The gel, made from seaweed, that is used in Gel Electrophoresis.
a) Jello
b) Enzyme
c) Agarose
d) Yogart

A genetically identical copy of an organism. The DNA is identical in the parent and offspring.
a) Alien
b) Sibling (brother or sister)
c) Martian
d) Clone

Identified and mapped approximately 35,000 genes found in the human population.
a) Human Genome Project
b) Paternity Test
c) DNA Fingerprint
d) DNA Study

Placing normal genes into other cells to correct genetic disorders.
a) Genome Project
b) Gene Therapy
c) Cell Research
d) DNA Fingerprint

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