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Which of the following is a renewable resource?
a) Petroleum
b) Natural gas
c) Wood
d) Uranium

Which of the following is an example of static electricity?
a) A dry-cell battery connected to wires lights up a light bulb.
b) A balloon sticks to a wall after it is rubbed with a piece of wool.
c) A magnet sticks to a refrigerator door made of metal.
d) A light switch that is turned on runs a ceiling fan.

A coal-burning facility is constructed in an area containing several pond ecosystems. How will this human activity most likely affect the pond ecosystems?
a) More nutrients will be available.
b) Organism diversity will increase.
c) Disease will become less common.
d) Water quality will be reduced.

Which of the following is an example of potential energy?
a) A glass jar sitting on a shelf
b) A flag waving in the wind
c) A ball rolling along a sidewalk
d) A battery powering a radio

Which of these best describes the particle motion taking place as gas is exposed to freezing temperatures?
a) The motion of the particles is unchanged.
b) The motion of the particles becomes random.
c) The particles move with more force.
d) The particles decrease in speed.

As the energy needs for Virginia increase, new sources of energy are required to replace or supplement the nonrenewable sources of energy now in use. Two sources of energy that are
a) natural gas and wind power
b) coal and hydropower
c) petroleum and solar power
d) wind power and solar power

What is one advantage of using a hydroelectric plant?
a) It is expensive to build.
b) It provides renewable energy to human populations.
c) It has little effect on water flow.
d) It has little effect on wildlife when being constructed.

Which of these substances is an element?
a) Steel
b) Chlorine
c) Plastic
d) Sugar

A student makes a drawing of a carbon atom. Which of these should the student show in the nucleus of the atom?
a) Ions
b) Protons
c) Electrons
d) Molecules

For separate ecosystems to be classified as the same type of biome, they must —
a) have deciduous forests
b) be located along the equator
c) have similar organisms and climates
d) be at least one hundred square meters in area

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