Newton's First Law Question Preview (ID: 39656)

Chapter 3 - Newton's Laws, Pearson. This Is A Review Of Only The First Part Of The Chapter Over Newton's First Law.

If you flipa coin in the air as you travel in an airplane, the coin keeps up with you. This is the idea of __________ in action.
a) speed
b) inertia
c) equilibrium
d) velocity

Objects can slow down, speed up, or change direction without force being being applied.
a) True
b) False

Only when two or more forces act on an object can it be in equilibrium.
a) True
b) False

If I pull a piece of paper out from under a full water bottle quickly, what will happen to the bottle?
a) The water bottle will go with the paper.
b) Nothing.
c) Due to inertia, it will stay in it's place.
d) You can't pull the paper out without the water bottle going with it.

What happens to an object traveling inside a car at 30 mph when the car comes to a sudden stop?
a) The object will continue in a straight line.
b) It will stop with the car.
c) It will fly sideways.
d) It will fly backwards.

Inertia is a _____________ of force.
a) property
b) kind
c) piece
d) snippit

According to Newton's first law or motion, if an object is at rest, you have to apply ___________ to get it moving.
a) speed
b) nothing
c) friction
d) force

The property of things to resist changes in motion is called...
a) net force
b) equilibrium
c) inertia
d) acceleration

What kind of path would the planets follow if suddenly their attraction to the Sun no longer existed?
a) Spiral
b) straight-line
c) curved
d) Not sure.

Every object continues in a state of rest or of uniform speed in a straight-line unless acted on by a non-zero net force.
a) Newton's Second Law
b) Newton's First Law
c) Newton's Third Law
d) Goshey's Law

When we know the speed of an object and its direction, we know its ____________.
a) equilibrium
b) inertia
c) speed
d) velocity

When the net force on an object is zero, its state of motion does not change, and we say that it is in mechanical ______________.
a) speed
b) inertia
c) equilibrium
d) velocity

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