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Stop and frisk requires an officer's suspicion that a person
a) has a weapon
b) has drugs
c) has stolen property
d) has committed a crime

Which court case established the exclusionary rule?
a) Gideon v. Wainwright
b) California v. Bakke
c) Mapp v. Ohio
d) Buck v. Bell

Converting two-dimensional photographs into three-dimensional photographs is known as
a) immersive imaging
b) photo manipulation
c) digital enhancement
d) photogrammetry

All of the following are important elements of documenting a crime scene EXCEPT:
a) field notes
b) ballistics analysis
c) photography
d) sketches

Sifting through files in multiple data bases to find answers is known as
a) data trolling
b) data sifting
c) data mining
d) data excavating

Mary always wears a Marilyn Monroe mask when she robs liquor stores. The mask is Mary's
a) modus operendi
b) parens patriae
c) habeas corpus
d) corpus delecti

Taking apart the whole to examine parts of it in order to reach a conclusion is which type of reasoning?
a) deductive
b) reductive
c) inductive
d) productive

All of the following are things that should NOT happen at a crime scene, EXCEPT:
a) smoking
b) eating
c) laughing
d) chewing gum

The first thing a patrol officer does at a crime scene is to
a) secure the crime scene with tape or barricades
b) handle any medical emergencies
c) take res gestae statements from witnesses
d) look for the suspect

According to plain view requirements, where must an object be for an officer to legally take it without a warrant?
a) At a suspect's home
b) In a suspects vehicle
c) In a public place
d) At a government building

The person who calls the police to report a crime is known as the
a) complainant
b) informant
c) confidential informant
d) witness

What does the exclusionary rule forbid?
a) The use of evidence in court that was illegally obtained.
b) The use of the third-degree when interrogating witnesses.
c) The use of dying declarations (because they are hearsay).
d) The use of night-capped warrants.

If a detective was using the knock and talk technique, he would be doing what?
a) Interrogating
b) Interviewing
c) Inviting
d) Inducting

Polygraph tests measure all of the following, EXCEPT:
a) blood pressure
b) respiration
c) body temperature
d) pulse rate

A witness who claims that she heard her neighbor scream at midnight is providing what type of evidence?
a) direct
b) indirect
c) trace
d) circumstantial

The idea that every perpetrator brings something to the crime scene and leaves something at the crime scene that can both be used as forensic evidence comes from which person?
a) Karl Landsteiner
b) Edmond Locard
c) August Vollmer
d) Calvin Goddard

Who is the Godfather of Ballistics?
a) Karl Landsteiner
b) Edmond Locard
c) August Vollmer
d) Calvin Goddard

Who is known as the Father of Law Enforcement?
a) Karl Landsteiner
b) Edmond Locard
c) August Vollmer
d) Calvin Goddard

Who devised a system for grouping blood into types?
a) Karl Landsteiner
b) Edmond Locard
c) August Vollmer
d) Calvin Goddard

Which fingerprint classification looks like a series of circles drawn one around another?
a) Loop
b) Whorl
c) Arch
d) Ulnar

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