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The formula to find acceleration when force and mass are known
a) F=m/a
b) F=am
c) a=F/m
d) a=Fm

the combination of all forces acting on an object
a) net force
b) balanced force
c) imbalanced force
d) force

sticking points between two surfaces that cause friction
a) rolling friction
b) static friction
c) sliding friction
d) microwelds

type of friction that enables a car to move
a) static friction
b) rolling friction
c) microwelds
d) sliding friction

a factor that dreaminess terminal velocity
a) friction
b) temperature
c) air resistance
d) barometric pressure

something determined by the net force on an object
a) acceleration
b) color
c) temperature
d) barometric pressure

type of friction between brake pads and a rotating bicycle wheel
a) microwelds
b) static friction
c) rolling friction
d) sliding friction

a device used to reduce terminal velocity
a) weight
b) rope
c) lever
d) parachute

What is the momentum of a 2 kg toy truck that moves at 10 m/s
a) 2 kg*m/s
b) 2.2 kg*m/s
c) 20 kg*m/s
d) 22 kg*m/s

Momentum of an object with a mass of .4 kg and a velocity of 19 m/s
a) 76 kg*m/s
b) 76.5 kg*m/s
c) .76 kg*m/s
d) 7.6 kg*m/s

__________ is the same thing as weight
a) Force
b) speed
c) temperature
d) height

Formula for weight is
a) F=m/g
b) F=mg
c) F=g/m
d) F=m-g

Formula for weight when force and gravity are known
a) F=ma
b) F=m/g
c) m=F/g
d) m=Fg

The label for Force is
a) kg
b) m/s
c) kg*m/s
d) N

The label for mass
a) kg
b) m/s
c) N
d) m/s/s

The label for gravity is
a) m/s^s
b) m/s/s
c) m/s
d) Both A and B

Earth's gravity is
a) .98 m/s/s
b) 98 m/s/s
c) 9.8 m/s/s
d) 98.8 m/s/s

What is the mass of a person who weighs 500 N?
a) 5.1 kg
b) 51 kg
c) 5.1 N
d) 51N

The equation for momentum when you don't know the Mass
a) m=p-v
b) p=mv
c) m=pv
d) m=p/v

A paperclip in a hidden in the desk of a crazy Russian math teacher in Moscow has a gravitational force that is acting on you right now
a) True
b) False

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