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The Outsiders Review.

Why did Dally kill himself Johnny died?
a) Hes was drunk
b) He didn't know what he was doing
c) He failed to protect Johnny
d) Possibilities for the future

Darry's reason for fighting in the rumble is
a) for hatred
b) for fun
c) because everyone is doing it
d) for pride

What is the theme of Nothing Gold can Stay?
a) Life is better when you have good friends
b) Cherish the temporary
c) Appearance is often different from reality
d) True strength is internal

Nature's first green is gold....This is an example of what?
a) Personification
b) Simile
c) Hyperbole
d) Onomatopoeia

Johnny says that he's not ready to die because
a) he thinks being a hero is fun
b) there's a lot that he has not done yet
c) he wants to repair his relationship with his parents
d) he wants to become a fireman

After Pony talks to Randy, he
a) begins to see Randy as a real person, not just a Soc
b) hates Randy more than ever
c) decides to become a Soc
d) blames Randy for everything

Randy won't be in the rumble because he
a) Is sick of fighting
b) misses Bob too much
c) is scared
d) doesn't want to upset Cherry

When the newspaper comes out the next morning, Pony
a) tries to hide the picture becuase of his hair
b) finds out he might have to go to a boy's home
c) finds out Johnny has dies
d) finds out he is blamed for murder

While Pony waits at the hospital, Soda and Darry come in and
a) Are angry at Pony for running away
b) Darry slaps Pony again
c) They all go home right away
d) They hug each other and cry

Pony doesn't want to cut his hair because
a) Soda told Pony not to cut his hair
b) They don't have scissors
c) It could make him look too old
d) It is the Greaser trademark

What does Dally do when Pony and Johnny come to him after Bob's murder?
a) He yells at them
b) He helps them hide
c) He turns them in
d) He disguises them

Johnny and Pony dream of a place
a) Where they wouldn't have to go to school
b) Without greasers and socs
c) Where they could meet pretty girls
d) Where they could make lots of money

Soda says he dropped out of school because...
a) He wanted to prove that he could hold a job
b) He needed to work for Pony's sake
c) He thinks he is dumb
d) Darry made him

Pony has gone to the movies alone because...
a) He believes no one likes movies like he does
b) He thought he would meet someone there
c) He is meeting a soc girl there
d) No one would go with him

What answer is NOT a point made in Johnny's note?
a) He didn't mind dying for the kids
b) Pony still has time to make whatever life he wants for himself
c) There is still good in the world
d) Dally is a lost cause

Who is the protagonist?
a) Ponyboy
b) Dally
c) Johnny
d) Bob

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