OTZI The Ice Man Question Preview (ID: 39603)

Multiple Choice Test.

Who was Otzi?
a) He was a man from the Stone Age.
b) He was an archaeoloists.
c) He was an old man.
d) He was found in North America.

Otzi was found in _____________.
a) October 1990
b) February 1991
c) October 1991
d) 3300 BC

Otzi was a prehistoric mountaineer whose body was discovered _________.
a) in France
b) in Austria
c) in Italy
d) in Spain

It is believed that Otzi lived around _________________.
a) 4000 BC
b) 4300 BC
c) 3000 BC
d) 3300 BC

His frozen body was clad in primitive clothing including ________________.
a) coveralls
b) a wool coat
c) an animal hide coat and a grass cape
d) insulated boots and lothing

It is believed that Otzi died from ___________________.
a) a gun wound
b) a large boulder (rock) that fell on him
c) bleeding to death from an arrow
d) sliding down the mountain and injurng his head

Otzi's body has been stored in a refrigerated room where the scientists could _______________.
a) see his body when they wanted to
b) study his body
c) could operate on him
d) could display his body to the public

The scientists discovered that Otzi had ___________ diferent pollens found in his lungs.
a) 10
b) 20
c) 30
d) 40

Some of the pollens that were layered , let scientists know that Otzi ________.
a) had traveled many miles.
b) had been to an area thatnoone had been before
c) had been up and down the mountain
d) had a disease

An artist made a __________________.
a) room for Otzi's body to stay
b) duplicate body of Otzi for a Museum
c) investigated Otzi's body for wounds.
d) named Otzi

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