51 To 60 Of The 100 Ways Question Preview (ID: 396)

These Questions Are Tied Directly To The 100 Illustrated Ways To Pass The Earth Science Regents Review Sheet: ReviewEarthScience.com/100ways. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which surface soil type has the slowest permeability rate and is most likely to produce flooding?
a) pebbles
b) sand
c) silt
d) clay

Snowfall is rare at the South Pole because the air over the South Pole is usually
a) sinking and dry
b) sinking and moist
c) rising and dry
d) rising and moist

Which factor most likely causes two cities at the same elevation and latitude to have different yearly average temperature ranges?
a) rotation of Earth
b) duration of insolation
c) distance from a large body of water
d) direction of prevailing winds

With the passage of a cold front, what should happen to the temperature of an area?
a) decrease
b) increase
c) remain the same
d) none of the choices

With the passage of a warm front, what should happen to the pressure of an area?
a) decrease
b) increase
c) remain the same
d) none of the choices

This front is formed when a cold front over takes a warm front
a) occluded
b) warm
c) cold
d) stationary

This front moves the fastest
a) cold
b) stationary
c) warm
d) occluded

This is a measure of the void spaces in a material
a) porosity
b) permeability
c) density
d) length

Capillarity increase when particle size
a) decreases
b) increases
c) remains the same
d) merges

Ep depends upon
a) temperature
b) color
c) density
d) particle size

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