Tertiary Sector Question Preview (ID: 39596)

Tertiary Sector.

Choose the best means of transport for non-urgent large commodities:
a) Ship
b) Plane
c) Train
d) Bus

The record of all economic transactions between the residents of the country and the rest of the world in a particular period is known as ...
a) Balance of payments
b) Balance of trade
c) Trade surplus
d) Trade deficit

Products, services or raw materials bought from a foreign country are ...
a) Imports
b) Exports
c) Domestic trade
d) Foreign trade

A country's balance of trade is positive when ...
a) a country exports a greater value than it imports
b) a country imports a greater value than it exports
c) home trade exceeds foreign trade
d) foreign trade exceeds home trade

What is the chronological process in home trade affairs?
a) Producer - wholesaler - retailer - consumer
b) Producer - retailer - wholesaler - consumer
c) Wholesaler - producer - retailer - consumer
d) Retailer - producer - wholesaler - consumer

Someone who sells goods to ultimate consumers is a ...
a) Retailer
b) Wholesaler
c) Consumer
d) Producer

Trade carried out within the boundaries of a country is known as ...
a) Domestic trade
b) Foreign trade
c) Limit trade
d) Boundary trade

Which of the following is not a factor for tourism?
a) Deterioration of nature
b) Welfare state
c) Wide range of offers
d) Cultural demand

Telecommunications is the technology of ...
a) sending messages over long distances
b) using TV sets to keep in touch with current news
c) sending messages over short distances
d) making phone calls

Service economy includes ...
a) Education, health, hospitality, financial services, commerce, transport
b) Education, health, mining, financial services, commerce, transport
c) Education, health, hospitality, agriculture, commerce, transport
d) Education, health, hospitality, animal husbandry, transport

The relocation of a business process from one country to another is known as ...
a) Offshoring
b) Outsourcing
c) Service economy
d) Centrality

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