Health Introduction Question Preview (ID: 39585)

General Health Questions.

Which characteristics is part of the health triangle?
a) Social Health
b) Physical Health
c) Emotional Health
d) All of the above

The time when you start developing physical characteristics of adults is what?
a) Puberty
b) Adolescence
c) Hormones
d) None of the above

The exchange of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs between two or more people is what?
a) Body Language
b) Communication
c) Mixed Messages
d) ''I'' Messages

What body system is responsible for breaking down food
a) Circulatory System
b) Respiratory System
c) Digestive System
d) Muscular System

What system is made up of glands found all over the body?
a) Respiratory System
b) Skeletal System
c) Circulatory System
d) Endocrine System

An adult human body has how many bones?
a) 106
b) 206
c) 406
d) 806

This body system is different for males and females.
a) Circulatory System
b) Respiratory System
c) Reproductive System
d) Endocrine System

This body system gives your body the power to move.
a) Muscular System
b) Skeletal System
c) Respiratory System
d) Reproductive System

This body system is a group of organs and tissues that move essential supplies to body cells and remove their waster products.
a) Circulatory System
b) Respiratory System
c) Muscular System
d) Digestive System

This body system consists of organs that supply the body with constant oxygen and rid the body of carbon dioxide.
a) Digestive System
b) Reproductive System
c) Respiratory System
d) Muscular System

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