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What is a green-yellow, pungent gas which turns damp blue litmus paper red, then bleached?
a) Chlorine
b) Nitrogen
c) Oxygen
d) Ammonia

What is a metal cation which forms blue precipitate with alkali.
a) Copper
b) Aluminium
c) Iron
d) Lead

What is the gas which turns acidified potassium dichromate (VI) from orange to green?
a) Sulfur Monoxide
b) Sulfur Dioxide
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) Carbon Monoxide

What is the reason why zinc hydroxide, aluminium hydroxide and lead(II) hydroxide can dissolve in excess sodium hydroxide solution?
a) They are cations.
b) They are metals.
c) They are amphoteric.
d) They are anions.

What is the process when iron(II) hydroxide becomes iron(III) hydroxide called?
a) Power-up!
b) Reproduction
c) Decompose
d) Oxidation

What is the metal to be added when testing for nitrates?
a) Aluminium
b) Copper(II)
c) Calcium
d) Lead(II)

Excess ammonia solution is added to an aqueous solution which contains calcium ions and copper(II) ions. What should be observed?
a) Blue ppt is formed.
b) White ppt is formed.
c) Dark blue solution is formed.
d) The mixture is light blue in colour.

Effervescence occurred when hydrochloric acid is added to salt X. What is X?
a) K2CO3
b) NaCl
c) MgCl
d) KOH

White precipitate formed when several drops of AgNO3 solution is added to salt Y. What is Y?
a) KOH
b) Na2SO4
c) NaCl
d) NaNO3

Ammonia solution is added in excess to solution X. White ppt dissolves in the excess ammonia solution. What is X?
a) ZnCl2
b) CuCl2
c) NH4Cl
d) Fe(NO3)2

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