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An example of a functional region is?
a) independent countries share a common interest in trade and economic cooperation
b) countries of European share a military alliance
c) same language, culture, and government systems that help make Europe a formal region
d) European Union unites the countries

What are physical factors that help constitute a region
a) vegetation, climate, land and water forms
b) Trade networks, religions practiced, and language
c) political units, climate regions, and river systems
d) Language, climate region, and water forms

The Gulf Coast and Texas river system that empties into the Gulf is an example of what type of region?
a) Functional
b) perceptual
c) formal
d) state

Houston in Texas, Houston is part of the 11th federal reserve district, and part of southwest United States are examples of ?
a) Formal, functional, and perceptual regions
b) perceptual, true, formal
c) functional, court system, airport
d) political, physical and Texas

The Rocky mountains were formed by what?
a) plate tectonics converging
b) plate tenctonics diverging
c) congruent plate activity
d) lithosphere

The Grand Canyon was formed by what?
a) water and wind erosion
b) chemical weathering
c) desertification and urbanization
d) transverse plate movement

What are the series of physical processes that result in increased vegetation are what
a) moving water that leads to erosion, which leads to soil creation
b) blowing windleads to erosion, which leads to soil formation
c) tectonic and volcanic processes
d) ocean currents decreased by wind currents

What factors influence Africa's grasslands and deserts?
a) prevailing winds and precipitation patterns that create patterns that cause arid and semi-arid conditions
b) plate tenctonics diverging
c) Low precipitation that falls in the southern desert regions
d) lack of percipitation in the northern desert region due to high mountains alind the north and east borders.

Which climate factors most directly affect temperature?
a) Latitude, elevation, and position on a continent (distance from water)
b) elevation, latitude, and ocean currents
c) wind systems, position on continent, mountain barriers
d) mountain barriers, position on a continent, and wind systems

The system associated with biomes and ecosystems?
a) biosphere
b) atmoshpere
c) lithospere
d) hydrosphere

Physical processes that affect the lithopshere are what?
a) tectonic and volcanic popcesses
b) water processes and wind
c) desertification and urbanization
d) Ocianic currents and ice flow

The atmosphere and hydrosphere have this in common.
a) water in various forms
b) wind and erosion
c) tectonic and volcanic processes
d) ocean currents and hurricanes

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