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How do you find number of protons?
a) atomic mass
b) atomic number
c) mass number
d) look at number of neutrons

Which subatomic particle is negative?
a) electron
b) neutron
c) proton
d) quark

rows of elements are ______________ and columns are ________________
a) periodics, groups
b) groups, periods
c) periods, groups
d) families, groups

How many oxygen atoms are in the compound chalk?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

The most common element in our atmosphere is nitrogen gas.
a) True
b) False

Which is not true about the periodic table?
a) There are 17 nonmetals.
b) There are 118 elements.
c) There are 18 groups.
d) There are 6 metalloids.

Which would not be a compound?
a) Co
b) CO
c) OH
d) KOH

chemical formula for sodium
a) S
b) So
c) Na
d) Sm

What is the mass number of iron?
a) 56
b) 26
c) 30
d) 55.845

How many neutrons are in an atom of Iodine?
a) 53
b) 76
c) 74
d) 72

Every element has a different number of _______________ in its nucleus.
a) neutrons
b) protons
c) electrons

What is the most reactive metal? What is the name of its family?
a) Fluorine, halogens
b) Francium, alkaline earth metals
c) Francium, alkali metals

Matter is anything that has _____________ and takes up _____________.
a) mass, space
b) space, mass
c) mass, density
d) weight, protons

When 2 or more elements are chemically combined, we call it a(n)...
a) chemical symbol
b) solution
c) mixture
d) compound

Which of the following particles is located in the nucleus of an atom?
a) proton
b) orbital
c) electron
d) compound

What is the mass number of Bromine?
a) 79.904
b) 80
c) 18
d) 88

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