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Which body system’s function is to protect the body from and fight off disease-causing agents?
a) muscular
b) excretory
c) immune
d) skeletal

What is the science term for “germs” or disease-causing agents?
a) vaccinations
b) pathogens
c) antibiotics
d) infections

Which type of pathogen is single-celled, lives in every habitat, and may need antibiotics to fight against them?
a) broken bones
b) cancer
c) viruses
d) bacteria

Which type of pathogen is DNA in a package and can be prevented by vaccinations?
a) viruses
b) bacteria
c) cancer
d) broken bones

Anything that breaks down the structures or functions of an organism is known as a …
a) cancer
b) swine flu
c) cold
d) disease

What are infectious diseases caused by?
a) homework
b) organism/pathogen
c) DNA
d) genetic mutations

What types of diseases are caused by an organism’s own body failure?
a) non-infectious
b) infectious
c) deadly
d) none

Which two body systems work together to allow movement?
a) reproduction and skeletal
b) immune & skeletal
c) muscular & excretory
d) muscular & skeletal

Which body system’s function is to shape/support the body, protect organs, produce blood in marrow, and store calcium/phosphorus?
a) skeletal
b) muscular
c) excretory
d) reproductive

There are two main types of muscle control. Voluntary movements you can control. What are automatic movements that you can’t control called?
a) jumps
b) voluntary
c) involuntary
d) waving you hand

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