Chapter 6 Vocab Question Preview (ID: 39548)

Chapter 6 Vocab.

A business that moves goods from one business to another
a) wholesaler
b) processor
c) intermediary
d) cooperative

The business or art of money management.
a) Accounting
b) Finance
c) Marketing
d) Procurement

The owner is responsible for the company's debt.
a) unlimited liaibility
b) limited liability

Also known as distributors
a) Intermediary
b) Franchise
c) Producer
d) Wholesaler

The process of creating, expanding, manufacturing, or improving goods and services.
a) Processing
b) Marketing
c) Production
d) Cooperative

A type of business that focuses on providing a service, not on making a profit.
a) Franchise
b) Cooperative
c) Wholesaler
d) Nonprofit Oranization

An organization that is owned and operated by its members
a) Franchise
b) Cooperative
c) Corporation
d) Wholesaler

The buying and reselling of goods that have already been produced.
a) Procurement
b) Production
c) Marketing
d) Cooperative

The process that involves getting consumers to buy a product or service.
a) Finance
b) Management
c) Marketing
d) Accounting

A contractual agreement to use the name and sell the products or services of a company in a designated geographic area
a) Cooperative
b) Franchise
c) Corporation
d) Partnership

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