2017-18 Waves Investigtion 3 Review Question Preview (ID: 39543)

Review For Light Waves.

One of the colors of the visible light spectrum is
a) yellow
b) green
c) blue
d) all are correct

One of the waves of the Electromagnetic Spectrum is
a) Radio Waves
b) Sound Waves
c) Ocean Waves
d) Compression Waves

True or False. Visible light has wavelengths from 400 nm to 700nm.
a) True
b) False
c) Partially True
d) I don't know

What color of the spectrum appears at the highest end of the number scale?
a) violet
b) indigo
c) red
d) blue

The angle of incidence is equal to the
a) angle of reflection
b) angle of refraction
c) the difference between the angle of incidence and the normal line

You see white because
a) all colors are reflected
b) all colors are absorbed
c) red is absorbed

You see black because
a) all colors are reflected
b) all colors are absorbed
c) red is reflected

What color will you see when you use an orange filter?
a) green
b) orange
c) blue
d) violet

When you use a green filter, which colors are being reflected and absorbed?
a) green is being reflected and all other colors are being absorbed
b) all other colors are being reflected, while green is being absorbed

Electromagnetic waves are waves that
a) do NOT need a medium to travel through
b) do need a medium to travel through
c) are found in the ocean
d) do not exist

When looking at a beach ball through red and green filters, the color(s) you will see
a) black because as the red filter reflects red, the green filter will only reflect green. Therefore you will see black.
b) red. Red has the longest wavelength of light, so you will see red.
c) green. Green's wavelength is shorter than red. Therefore you will only see green.
d) None of the choices are correct.

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