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Which bodily system’s purpose is to remove wastes or poisons from your body?
a) skeletal
b) excretory
c) reproduction
d) digestion

Carbon dioxide, salts, water, and urea are all examples of ___________ removed from your body.
a) nutrients
b) minerals
c) vitamins
d) wastes

Which organs are parts of the excretory system?
a) kidneys
b) all of they above
c) skin
d) liver

Which organ removes wastes from the body’s blood and maintains the body’s water/salt balance?
a) kidneys
b) bladder
c) liver
d) heart

What is the name of the tiny blood filtering unit of the kidney?
a) arteries
b) urethra
c) nephrons
d) tubes

Once liquid is removed from the kidney’s, it is called….
a) urine
b) salt
c) water
d) blood

What is the name of the organ that filters the blood, makes urea, and can be harmed by too much poison?
a) kidney
b) stomach
c) bladder
d) liver

This liquid is released by pores in the skin and includes water, salts, and urea…
a) sweat
b) blood
c) urine
d) water

Which organ can be harmed by poisons, such as alcohol abuse?
a) blood
b) liver
c) skin
d) vitamins

During an intense workout, what waste will your body release through your skin?
a) water
b) blood
c) vitamins
d) sweat

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