Europe 2 Question Preview (ID: 39538)

Standards 2-3.

What is NOT an example of a Push Factor affecting those wanting to leave Puerto Rico?
a) High HIV Infection Rates
b) High levels of Unemployment
c) Economic Opportunities
d) Low paying jobs

What country has the highest number of refugee migrants in Europe currently?
a) Egypt
b) Turkey
c) Syria
d) China

Why are the Syrian people leaving their country?
a) The President of Syria has dropped bombs and used poison gas on his people after political revolts.
b) The President of Syria called Russian troops which led to a massacre in Aleppo.
c) The people of Syria lost jobs after the financial crisis hit in 2005.
d) The people of Syria did not have enough food since the area is a desert.

All of the following are true EXCEPT
a) The people of Syria left and migrated to the United States.
b) Syrians have drowned from packing too tightly on boats across the Mediterranean Sea.
c) Syrians that wanted to leave and sold all of their belongings for practically nothing.
d) Syrians that migrated across Northern Africa are being taken or killed by bands of armed men.

Immigration into the EU has brought many fears for the European people and their governments. What are the main issues they are trying to deal with?
a) The number of immigrants
b) The potential threat of terrorism
c) The number of immigrants and potential threat of terrorism
d) The illegal status of these migrants and the fear they will take jobs from native citizens.

True or False. Culture is a group’s way of life - its language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and even material objects that people pass from one generation to the next.
a) True
b) False

Material Culture includes all of the following except what?
a) Clothing
b) Food
c) Weapons
d) Beliefs

Culture patterns that are widespread among a society regardless of ethnicities and often short-lived is called what?
a) High Culture
b) Low Culture
c) Popular Culture
d) Counterculture

Jimmy went to Spain to travel. While at a cafe Jimmy had his mouth full when the waiter asked how the food was. Jimmy gave a thumbs up to show what he thought about the food. The waiter got offended since that sign meant something different in Spain.
a) A law
b) A cultural taboo
c) A culture complex
d) Negative reinforcer

Which of the following are apart of a culture?
a) Language
b) Dance
c) Food
d) All of the Above

Julia Vernet, a 21-year-old philosophy student at the Autonomous University in Barcelona says “I feel Catalan and ...we speak different languages” This is an example of what type of culture?
a) Popular Culture
b) Nonmaterial Culture
c) High Culture
d) Material Culture

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