STAAR Reading Connection - Week 9 Question Preview (ID: 39532)

Reading Comprehension Test.

What important event happened in 1852?
a) Massachusetts became a state.
b) Massachusetts was the first state to pass a law that children must attend school.
c) The president visited Massachusetts.
d) Communities decided that children did not have to attend school.

The Pilgrims believed in education, but not an equal education for all. What determined the type of education a child received?
a) how much money their family had
b) where their family lived
c) the family believed that education was important
d) the family read books

Where did the first public school in Boston hold classes for many years?
a) in the teacher's home
b) in a church
c) in city hall
d) in a one-room schoolhouse

Why do you think the author wrote the article History of Education?
a) to persuade students to stay in school
b) to entertain students with a funny story
c) to inform students how education has changed over time
d) to share an opinion about education

Which sentence from the article tells you that the kids enjoy their new fitness unit?
a) Each student in our class would get a special dance pad.
b) It was a fun way to exercise.
c) Then a computer would be used to show dance moves on the big-screen monitor.
d) We could all dance along.

What activity took place at school each Friday?
a) sweet potatoes were served at lunch
b) a spelling bee was held
c) everyone had to say his or her multiplication facts
d) a history contest took place

In the story Deaver Creek Elementary School - Today, what the first paragraph of the story mainly about?
a) getting ready to leave for school
b) preparing for a history project at school
c) making a salad for lunch at school
d) missing a bus for school

What is the most likely reason Miss Bebb wanted students to bring a stick of wood for the stove to school each day?
a) She was too lazy to get the wood herself.
b) There was no wood near the school.
c) Only medium-sized logs of wood would fit in the classroom's stove.
d) Having the wood at school would save more time for learning each day.

In the section Ancient Schools, why are American Indians taught to hunt and gather?
a) They could later tell stories about their hunts.
b) They learned proper behavior while hunting.
c) They did not have a teacher in the village.
d) They needed to have the skills to survive where they lived.

In the Section Schools today, why do you think every child in America has to go to school?
a) Children want to go to school
b) Children have a choice as to whether they go to school.
c) It is the law.
d) Children like to take tests.

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