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What is the name of the substances in food that provide energy or materials for the cells in your body?
a) water
b) calories
c) nutrients
d) fats

Why does your body need nutrients?
a) to do work
b) to maintain body temperature
c) to build and repair
d) all of the above

What measures the amount of energy available in food?
a) calories
b) temperature
c) fever
d) protein

More calories means….
a) less energy
b) more energy
c) you are tired
d) you smile alot

What kind of fat is usually solid, considered “bad” and leads to high cholesterol?
a) jiggly fat
b) saturated fat
c) unsaturated fat
d) McDonald's fat

In which of the following foods would you find saturated fat?
a) seafood
b) dairy
c) meat
d) all of the above

What kind of fat is usually liquid, considered “good” and helps your body use vitamins?
a) Monster drinks
b) saturated fat
c) unsaturated fat
d) unhealthy fat

In which of the following foods would you find unsaturated fat?
a) nuts
b) dairy
c) McDonald's french fries
d) seafood

This is naturally made by your liver, found in saturated fats, and when your body has too much of it, it can clog your arteries….
a) blood
b) cholesterol
c) white blood cells
d) vitamins

When not enough nutrients are taken in by a person, it is known as a nutrient deficiency. How do you treat this disorder?
a) frequent trips to McDonalds
b) drinking a lot of water
c) energy bars
d) fortified foods

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