Ecosystems Question Preview (ID: 39525)

7th Grade 1st Marking Period.

An organism's environment has two parts, the living part is called
a) biotic
b) abiotic
c) producer
d) consumer

A _____________ is a group of individuals of the same species that live in the same area at the same time
a) community
b) poputlation
c) ecosystem
d) biosphere

All biotic and abiotic factors is a(n)
a) community
b) food web
c) population
d) ecosystem

Organisms that use photosynthesis to obtain energy are called
a) consumers
b) producers
c) decomposers
d) scavengers

The environment in which an organism lives is its
a) home
b) niche
c) habitat
d) ecosystem

A tick sucks blood from a dog. In this relatrionshop the tick is the
a) parasite
b) host
c) prey
d) predator

A beneficial association between coral and algae is an example of
a) commensalism
b) parasitism
c) mutualism
d) predation

How energy moves through an ecosystem can be represented by
a) food webs
b) food chains
c) energy pyramids
d) all of the aboveW

Water changes from liquid to vapor during
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) precipitation
d) melting

Plants use ____________________ to make glucose
a) oxygen
b) cells
c) salt
d) photosynthesis

During _________________ water moves from the atomosphere to the land
a) precipitaion
b) run off
c) evaporation
d) condensation

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