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Earth's surface winds generally blow from regions of higher
a) air temperature toward regions of lower air temperature
b) air pressure toward regions of lower air pressure
c) latitudes toward regions of lower latitudes
d) elevations toward regions of lower elevations

Which weather condition DOES NOT happen when the air temperature was equal to the dewpoint?
a) rain
b) snow
c) sleet
d) clear skies

Which weather condition most directly determines wind speeds at Earth's surface?
a) visibility changes
b) amount of cloud cover
c) air-pressure gradient
d) dewpoint differences

Which statement best explains why an increase in the relative humidity of a parcel of air generally increases the chance of precipitation?
a) The dewpoint is farther from the condensation point, causing rain.
b) The air temperature is closer to the dewpoint, making cloud formation more likely.
c) The amount of moisture in the air is greater, making the air heavier.
d) The specific heat of the moist air is greater than the drier air, releasing energy.

Which climatic conditions exist where winds converge?
a) cool and wet
b) cool and dry
c) warm and wet
d) warm and dry

If a low-pressure system follows a typical storm track across New York State, it will move toward the
a) southwest
b) southeast
c) northeast
d) northwest

The hottest part of the day typically occurs around
a) 1 pm
b) 7 am
c) 3 am
d) 11 pm

As the temperature of air increase, the air pressure will
a) decrease
b) increase
c) remain the same
d) fly away

As you hike up a mountain what should happen to the air pressure
a) decrease
b) increase
c) remain the same
d) disappear

During a heavy rain storm, the associated air pressure should be
a) lower than normal
b) high than normal
c) normal
d) the same as when its not raining

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