Shipwreck At The Bottom Of The World (Ch 1) Question Preview (ID: 39479)

ELA 9.

Shackleton is which of the following?
a) a doctor
b) a polar explorer
c) a ship builder
d) a whaler

How old is Shackleton at the start of the voyage on the Endurance?
a) 40
b) 20
c) 54
d) 33

Shackleton's first voyage south to the Antarctic is under whose leadership?
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Francis Drake
c) Robert F. Scott
d) Edmund Hillary

On Shackleton's second voyage to Antarctica, how close did he get to the South Pole?
a) 2 miles
b) 56 miles
c) 97 miles
d) 500 miles

What did Shackleton's second voyage earn him?
a) a knighthood
b) $5,000
c) a castle
d) his own ship

What was the name of Shackleton's new ship?
a) Endurance
b) Dover
c) Corriene
d) Nina

What word best describes the wages for individuals on the voyage?
a) average
b) miserly
c) promising
d) abundant

Why did individuals want to be a part of Shackleton's expedition?
a) possible treasure
b) potential adventure and renown
c) good wages
d) to escape prison

Before Shackleton renamed her Endurance, what was the ship known as?
a) Belfast
b) Argonaut
c) Santa Maria
d) Polaris

The Endurance is designed to sail in what?
a) strong winds
b) ice
c) fog
d) sleet

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