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Soil Review.

Which element is humus especially rich in?
a) Carbon
b) Oxygen
c) Nitrogen
d) Gold

A mixture of weathered rock organic matter is called
a) Soil
b) Rocks
c) Humus
d) Bedrock

The material from which soil forms is called
a) Parent material
b) Boulders
c) Humus

How freely water moves through soil is called
a) Permeability
b) Ph
c) Soil texture

Which soil horizon has the most fertile soil?
a) Horizon A
b) Horizon B
c) Horizon C
d) Bedrock

What are the different layers of the soil profile called?
a) Horizons
b) Profile
c) Topsoil
d) Bedrock

What is the dark, organic material that helps make soil fertile?
a) Humus
b) Bedrock
c) Horizons

What is a primary ingredient of humus?
a) Decayed organic material
b) Rocks
c) Clay and silt
d) Gravel

What effect do plants' roots have on soil?
a) The roots hold the soil together
b) The soil hurts the roots
c) The roots cannot break though soil

How would you compare young soil to soil that has been around a long time?
a) Young soil has less organic material
b) Young soil has more organic material
c) Young soil has more plant growth

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