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What is the purpose of the article "Who Left it Here?"
a) To share information.
b) To tell you to listen to your mother.
c) To help the reader know how to play outside.
d) To entertain the reader.

Which sentence from "Who Left it Here" is an opinion?
a) I had finished eating the yogurt.
b) I left to play in the front yard.
c) I answered "No, mommy, baby sister did."
d) When she left, I was glad I didn't get into trouble...

In the second paragraph, the author uses quotation marks to show:
a) mom was walking through the house.
b) someone was talking.
c) she and her sister were playing.
d) the yogurt cup was left on the back step.

Based on "Who Left it Here," and "Lying Down," people should:
a) Leave their trash on the carpet.
b) Read books and then play outside.
c) Argue about who has a better job.
d) Take care of things the right way.

What does the world GUILTY mean in "Who Left it Here?"
a) wanting to clean up.
b) doing something wrong.
c) climbing a tree.
d) blaming another person.

In Book's second line, he is being:
a) rude
b) friendly
c) understanding
d) wishful

Book says he feels like going home because:
a) sometimes second graders are careless.
b) he has to be read at home.
c) he is hungry and it is dinner time.
d) Puff is mad at him.

What is the main idea of the play?
a) Second graders are polite.
b) You can walk on a rug.
c) Everyone has a job to do.
d) Some things need to be left alone.

You know that "Lying Down" is a play because:
a) two characters talk to each other.
b) each character has a job to do.
c) there is a setting and a title.
d) there are stage directions and a cast of characters.

At the end of the play, you know that Puff feels better, because:
a) Cube doesn't like being thrown.
b) Book wants to be read.
c) He also gets a job to do.
d) Ruggy likes stretching out.

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