Colonial America (Lessons 1-4) Question Preview (ID: 39438)

Review Of Lessons 1-4.

These people had their passage to the colonies paid for in exchange for 5-7 years of work.
a) Puritans
b) indentured servants
c) Pilgrims
d) enslaved Africans

An apprentice was suppose to learn this.
a) reading, writing, and arithmetic
b) farming skills
c) good manners
d) a trade or a craft

The colony of Maryland was founded _______________.
a) to protect Spanish colonies
b) to provide religious haven
c) to help debtors start over
d) to start a French colony

General James Oglethorpe wanted to put these people to work in Georgia.
a) debtors
b) enslaved Africans
c) women and children
d) indentured servants

What made the economies in New York and New Jersey strong?
a) weaving
b) trade
c) hunting and gathering
d) indigo

Philadelphia means ___________.
a) “brotherly love”
b) “Penn’s Woods”
c) “sharing is caring”
d) “Three Lower Counties”

New Amsterdam was located in present day _____________.
a) Georgia
b) Philadelphia
c) New Jersey
d) Manhattan

People who disagreed with the Puritans would do this.
a) move back to Europe
b) start their own colony
c) take over the colony
d) become explorers in Africa

What caused King Philip's War?
a) English colonists took land that had belonged to the Wampanoag
b) the battle with the Pequot
c) the death of Metacomet

Some colonists settled in the backcountry because ______________.
a) land was cheaper than on the Atlantic Coastal Plain
b) life was easy
c) they wanted to fight in the Yamasee War
d) they wanted to live in large trade ports

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