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A gift is a...
a) sister
b) snack
c) present
d) sun

A lumber board is a kind of...
a) cheese
b) wood
c) apple
d) grass

A tool that we use for eating is a...
a) fork
b) shoe
c) rock
d) book

The girl drank from the JUG of milk. Jug means -
a) oven
b) crown
c) pitcher
d) rabbit

The INFANT cried for his bottle. Infant means...
a) adult
b) teacher
c) baby
d) desk

My OPINION of my little brother is that he is a pest to me. Opinion means...
a) How I feel about something.
b) A fact that I can prove.
c) The way you spell a word.
d) What something sounds like.

Which sentence uses BEAT in the same way? - I BEAT my brother playing soccer.
a) I BEAT the drum in the marching band.
b) BEAT the eggs in the recipe.
c) Can you feel your heart BEAT?
d) The other team BEAT us in the baseball game.

Which sentence uses STORE in the same way? The chipmunks like to STORE their nuts in a hole.
a) I bought chips at the corner STORE.
b) I STORE all of my toys in my room.
c) My favorite STORE in the mall is Target.
d) The teacher has a large STORE of knowledge.

Which sentence uses DASH in the same way? The students DASH onto the playground at recess time.
a) I DASH into the car because I am late.
b) Wilma Rudolph runs the 100-meter DASH.
c) The recipe needs a DASH of pepper.
d) Don't forget the DASH in that sentence.

Which sentence uses ROLL in the same way? I ROLL down the steep hill.
a) I need a ROLL of quarters to my do laundry.
b) The waves in the ocean ROLL up and down.
c) Mary will ROLL the string into a big ball.
d) Don't let the baseball ROLL away from you.

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