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The lowest part of a transverse waves is
a) crest
b) trough
c) node
d) antinode

Waves that move at right angles to the direction in which the wave is traveling are
a) transverse waves
b) longitudinal waves
c) surface waves
d) diffracted waves

The maximum distance that particles in a wave move from the resting point is the wave's
a) wavelength
b) frequency
c) speed
d) amplitude

wavelength x frequency =
a) amplitude
b) speed
c) vibration
d) compressions

The distance from compression to compression
a) amplitude
b) speed
c) wavelength
d) frequency

waves combine to make a smaller amplitude in a process called
a) constructive interference
b) interference
c) frequency
d) destructive interference

In which direction do seismic waves travel from their point of origin?
a) inward toward Earth's core
b) in all directions
c) south to north
d) toward the equator

A waves that appears to be standing still is called a
a) standing wave
b) seismic wave
c) transverse wave
d) compression wave

The bedning of waves around the edge of a barrier is known as
a) refraction
b) diffraction
c) reflection
d) interference

Waves in a pond are
a) longitudinal waves
b) surface waves
c) transverse waves
d) tidal waves

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