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What type of volcano has basaltic magma that is thin and runny?
a) composite volcano
b) cinder cone volcano
c) shield volcano
d) both 1 & 2

When the sides of volcano on top collapse down creating a bowl shape at the top, what do we call it?
a) crater
b) caldera
c) lake
d) shield

Which of the following is an example of a composite volcano?
a) Mt. Pinatubo
b) Kilauea
c) Paricutin
d) none of the above

How were the Hawaiian islands formed?
a) strike slip plates
b) diverging plates
c) converging plates
d) hot spot

What is the most destructive force that comes from a volcano?
a) lava
b) gases
c) pyroclastic flow
d) lahar

Which is NOT an indicator that a volcano is going to erupt?
a) increase in earthquakes
b) decrease in temperature of ground
c) increase in steam vents
d) bulge

What volcano looks tall and narrow?
a) composite volcano
b) cinder cone volcano
c) shield volcano
d) none of the above

Which is the most active volcano on Earth?
a) Mt. Pinatubo
b) Paricutin
c) Kilauea
d) Mt. McKinley

Which type of volcano has the highest amount of silica in it's magma?
a) composite volcano
b) cinder cone volcano
c) shield volcano
d) all have the same amount of silica in their magma

What is the scientific name for the ash that forms when lava is exploded into the air and it cools as it rises in the air and then returns to earth?
a) tuff
b) tella
c) tephra
d) tefnuf

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