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to move with agility
a) heaviness
b) painful
c) nimbleness
d) awkwardness

a wary question
a) cautious
b) foolish
c) endless
d) numerous

to dwindle away
a) travel
b) walk
c) shrink
d) swim

a veneer of friendship
a) deep bond
b) outward appearance
c) inward feeling
d) solemn vow

to elapse quickly
a) vary
b) realize
c) return
d) pass

easily susceptible
a) influenced
b) pleased
c) accepted
d) interested

her nonchalant attitude
a) conceited
b) uncooperative
c) casual
d) mocking

to surpass a speed
a) exceed
b) maintain
c) suggest
d) enforce

to exasperate someone
a) praise
b) entertain
c) inspire
d) irritate

to retract a decision
a) praise
b) withdraw
c) announce
d) predict

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