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The advertisement was ____________ because they wanted to trick people into buying things.
a) compassionate
b) subliminal
c) excrutiating
d) dismembered

If you __________ a lot, you are bound to get caught eventually
a) prevaricate
b) mortify
c) avocation
d) subliminally

When I cut my finger with a knife, it was so deep that it was ____________ painful.
a) subliminally
b) compassionately
c) excrutiatingly
d) compulsively

My favorite ____________ is hunting.
a) compulsive
b) philanthropy
c) dismember
d) avocation

She became a nurse because she was _____________ to people who were sick.
a) subliminal
b) excrutiating
c) compassionate
d) prevaricate

The act of ____________ is very generous because you give money to others.
a) philanthropy
b) mortify
c) compulsion
d) dismember

I was ________________ popping my gum when the teacher gave me a mean look.
a) avocationally
b) excrutiatingly
c) compassionately
d) subconsciously

My friend _______________ me when she told them all my secret.
a) prevaricated
b) mortified
c) dismembered
d) avocated

I was __________ about keeping my room clean, because I can't stand any mess.
a) prevaricate
b) subconscious
c) compulsive
d) philanthropy

I had to _____________ the puzzle so someone else could put it back together
a) dismember
b) prevaricate
c) compulsive
d) mortify

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