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Which of the following properties is the same for the isotopes of an element?
a) Mass
b) Density
c) Number of neutrons
d) Atomic Number

Which of the following elements is a negative ion?
a) Proton no. 12 Neutron no. 12 Electron no. 12
b) Proton no. 17 Neutron no. 18 Electron no. 17
c) Proton no. 11 Neutron no. 12 Electron no. 10
d) Proton no. 8 Neutron no. 8 Electron no. 10

An atom has an atomic number of 11. Which of the following statements is true?
a) It forms a positive ion of +1 by gaining one electron
b) It has an electronic configuration of a noble gas
c) It forms a negative ion of -1 by gaining one electron
d) It forms a positive ion of +1 by losing one electron

Which of the following atoms A, B, C or D would form an ion with a charge of +1?
a) Atom A; Mass no. 12; Atomic no. 6
b) Atom D; Mass no. 24; Atomic no. 12
c) Atom C; Mass no. 23; Atomic no. 1
d) Atom B; Mass no. 16; Atomic no. 8

The atomic weight of carbon( atomic number 6) is 12. How many electrons does it have?
a) 0
b) 4
c) 12
d) 6

Which of the following statements is not true about atoms?
a) The nucleus must always contain protons and neutrons
b) The no. of protons must be the same as the no. of electron
c) The neutron no. can be deduced by using mass and proton no.
d) The electrons will not be found in the nucleus

A beryllium atom has 4 protons,5 neutrons,4 electrons. What is the mass no. of this atom?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 9
d) 13

The two main parts of an atom are its:
a) Nucleus and electron energy levels
b) Nucleus and protons
c) Electrons and neutrons
d) Protons and electrons

What is the charge of an ion that has 20 protons and 18 electrons?
a) +1
b) -1
c) -2
d) +2

An isotope of cadmium has an atomic no. of 48 and a mass no. of 112. This cadmium ion has:
a) 48 protons, 112 neutrons, 48 electrons
b) 48 protons, 64 neutrons, 48 electrons
c) 64 protons, 48 neutrons, 64 electrons
d) 112 protons, 48 neutrons, 112 electrons

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