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A gas has a temperature of 14 0C, and a volume of 4.5 liters. If the temperature is raised to 29 0C and the pressure is not changed, what is the new volume of the gas?
a) 474 L
b) 4.74 mL
c) 4.74 L
d) 47.4 L

If you have an empty soda bottle (volume of 2 L) at room temperature (25 C), what will the new volume be if you put it in your freezer (-4 C)?
a) 1.81 mL
b) 1.81 L
c) 181 mL
d) 18.1 L

What does the graph of Charles' Law look like?
a) Negative slope in the y direction. (sloping down)
b) positive slope in the y direction. (sloping up)
c) changing slope- starting up then going down.
d) A straight line in the x direction.

If a balloon initially has a volume of 0.4 liters and a temperature of 20 C, what will the volume of the balloon be if its heated it to a temperature of 250 C?
a) 0.71 L
b) 71 L
c) 7.1 x 10^2 mL
d) 7.1 L

If I have 2.9 L of gas at a pressure of 5 atm & a t=50 C, what will be the temperature of the gas if I decrease the volume of the gas to 2.4 L & decrease the pressure to 3 atm?
a) 1.6 K
b) 16 K
c) 1600 K
d) 160 K

How hot will a 2.3 L balloon have to get to expand to a volume of 400 L? Assume that the initial temperature of the balloon is 25 0C.
a) 51.8 k
b) 518 K
c) 51,800 K
d) 5180 K

To what pressure must a gas be compressed in order to get into a 3.00 cubic foot tank the entire weight of a gas that occupies 400.0 cu. ft. at standard pressure?
a) 133 atm
b) 13.3 atm
c) 1.33 atm
d) 1.33 x 10^3 atm

1.00 L of a gas at standard temperature and pressure is compressed to 473 mL. What is the new pressure of the gas?
a) 211 atm
b) 21.1 atm
c) 2.11 atm
d) 2110 atm

have 17 liters of gas at a t= 67 C & p= 88.89 atm, what will be the pressure of the gas if I raise the t= 94 C & decrease the volume to 12 liters?
a) 136 atm
b) 13.6 atm
c) 1.36 atm
d) 1360 atm

A gas occupies 11.2 liters at 0.860 atm. What is the pressure if the volume becomes 15.0 L?
a) 642 atm
b) 64.2 atm
c) 6.42 atm
d) 0.642 atm

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