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One factor responsible for the strength of gravitational attraction between a planet and the Sun is the
a) degree of tilt of the planet's axis
b) distance between the planet and the Sun
c) planet's period of rotation
d) amount of insolation given off by the Sun

What causes the Coriolis effect?
a) Earth's tilt on its axis
b) the spin of Earth on its axis
c) the orbital motion of the Moon around Earth
d) the orbital motion of Earth around the Sun

Astronomers viewing light from distant galaxies observe a shift of spectral lines toward the red end of the visible spectrum. This shift provides evidence that
a) orbital velocities of stars are decreasing
b) Earth's atmosphere is warming
c) the Sun is cooling
d) the universe is expanding

Which location receives 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness on June 21?
a) 23.5 degrees North
b) 15 degrees North
c) 0 degrees
d) 23.5 degrees South

Planets appear to go in this direction when the earth passes them in space
a) backward
b) north
c) soutn
d) forward

The summer solstice occurs on which date?
a) 6/21
b) 9/21
c) 3/21
d) 12/21

In the northern hemisphwere, stars appear to rotate around this star
a) Polaris
b) Betelgeuse
c) Alpha Centauri
d) Rigel

A person would cast their longest shadow on the ground when the sun was at this position
a) lowest
b) highest
c) middle
d) not in the sky

During which season in the Northern Hemisphere is the earth the furthest from the sun?
a) summer
b) winter
c) spring
d) fall

In an ellipse the sun is one focus while this is at the other
a) nothing
b) Mars
c) Venus
d) Earth

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