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What is a hypothesis?
a) A sentence describing the procedure of the experiment.
b) The materials needed for the experiment.
c) An educated guess about how things work.
d) Your analysis of the data.

Why do we analyze our data following en experiment?
a) To tell us if our experiment supports our hypothesis.
b) To communicate to the world our findings.
c) To create an educated guess about how things work.
d) To begin putting together a plan for answering questions.

Why do we complete background research before conducting an experiment?
a) To communicate our findings.
b) So we can build up our knowledge of what to expect about the experiment.
c) So we can better analyze our data.
d) We do not complete back ground research before conducting an experiment.

When should we create a question?
a) After completing our experiment.
b) After analyzing the data.
c) After we create a hypothesis.
d) Before we begin research.

What must you do in order to draw a conclusion about the results of your experiment?
a) Create a hypothesis.
b) Analyze the data.
c) Do background research.
d) Ask a question.

What is the first step in the scientific method?
a) Create a hypothesis.
b) Analyze the data.
c) Conduct an experiment.
d) Make observations.

What is the purpose of conducting an experiment?
a) To communicate our results.
b) To test the hypothesis.
c) To aid in creating a research question.
d) To help in recording our observations.

What happens if our hypothesis is wrong?
a) We change the hypothesis after completing the experiment.
b) We communicate our results regardless of the incorrect hypothesis.
c) We get angry and throw our book across the room.
d) We change the results of our experiment to make our hypothesis correct.

What does the scientific method have to do with your project?
a) It is the process we must use to complete our project.
b) It is not related and does not need to be learned.
c) It is slightly related, maybe it should be a picture on your board.
d) There is no such thing as the scientific method.

What is the correct order of the scientific method?
a) Experiment, research, observation, question, analyze data, hypothesis, communicate results.
b) Observation, question, analyze data, experiment, research, hypothesis, communicate results.
c) Research, hypothesis, communicate results, observation, question, analyze data, experiment.
d) Observation, question, research, hypothesis, experiment, analyze data, communicate results.

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