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Which two substances react to form a salt and water only?
a) Dilute ethanoic acid and aq sodium hydroxide
b) Aq Silver nitrate and aq sodium chloride
c) Dilute sulfuric acid and aq sodium carbonate
d) Dilute HCl and Zn

From which reaction is a gas produced?
a) Adding dilute HCl to silver
b) Electrolyzing aq copper(II) sulfate, using copper electrodes
c) Adding dilute sulfuric acid to copper
d) Adding calcium to water

All of the following salts can form saturated solutions except...
a) Sodium Sulfate
b) Sodium Chloride
c) Copper(II)Sulfate
d) Copper(II)Chloride

For insoluble salts, the method of preparation is....
a) Metal + acid
b) Metal + carbonate
c) Titration
d) Precipitation

Which salt is insoluble?
a) Sodium chloride
b) Sodium sulfate
c) Lead(II)chloride
d) Copper Nitrate

Which is incorrect?
a) All nitrates are soluble.
b) All potassium, ammonium, sodium salts are soluble.
c) All chlorides are soluble except silver, lead(II) and barium
d) All carbonates are insoluble except K, ammonium and Na

Which of the following does not react with dilute sulfuric acid?
a) Potassium Hydroxide
b) Mg
c) Sodium carbonate
d) Copper Metal

Both MgO and Mg carbonate react with dilute sulfurice acid. How are they similar?
a) A gas is set free
b) An acid is neutralized by a soluble base
c) Sulfuric acid is acting as an oxidizing agent
d) Water is a product

Which of the following is NOT a way of preparing soluble salts?
a) Acid + metal
b) Titration
c) Precipitation
d) Acid + carbonate

Which substance does not produce copper(II)sulfate when added to dilute sulfuric acid?
a) Copper
b) Copper(II)carbonate
c) Copper(II)hydroxide
d) Copper(II) oxide

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