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Of the following molecules, which is a polar molecule?
a) Dichloromethane
b) Methane
c) Benzene
d) Hexane

Which of the following simple covalent molecules has 3 bond pairs and no lone pairs of electrons?
a) Carbon Dioxide Gas
b) Sulfur Dioxide Gas
c) Nitrogen Gas
d) Oxygen Gas

Why is the melting point of Magnesium Flouride much higher as compared to Sulfur Diflouride?
a) This is because the Van De Waals Forces in Magnesium Flouride is stronger than Sulfur Dioxide.
b) This is because the electrostatic repulsion between the electrons of Magnesium Flouride is greater.
c) This is because the ions in Magnesium Flouride are held by strong electrostatic attracton forces.
d) This is because Magnesium is more electronegative as compared to Sulfur.

Which of the following is not considered a intermolecular force?
a) Hydrogen Bonds
b) Induced Dipole-Dipole Bond
c) Permanent Dipole-Dipole Bond
d) Lewis Bonds

Which of the following is not a property displayed generally by ionic compounds?
a) High Melting Point
b) High Boiling Point
c) Does not conduct electricity in solid state
d) Not brittle

Which of the following statement about Sigma and Pi Bonds is true?
a) Pi Bonds are stronger than Sigma Bonds
b) Sigma Bonds happens when orbitals overlaps head-on.
c) A triple covalent bond will consist of 2 sigma bonds and 1 pi bond.
d) A single covalent bond will consist only of a pi bond.

Which of the following elements is the most electronegative?
a) Flourine
b) Oxygen
c) Hydrogen
d) Nitrogen

Why is tetrachloromethane not a polar molecule when it has polar bonds?
a) Chlorine in tetrachlormethane is more electronegative as compared to Carbon
b) Dipole moments in tetrachloromethane cancels out each other
c) There are 4 Chlorine atoms but only 1 Carbon atom in a tetrachloromethane molecule
d) Water, which is a polar compound, is not present

Hydrogen Bonds cannot occur between which molecules
a) Hydrogen Flouride
b) Carbon Disulfide
c) Ammonia
d) Water

What is the shape of a Iodine Pentaflouride Molecule?
a) Trigonal Bipyramidal
b) Square Pyramidal
c) Octahedral
d) Tetrahedral

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