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By using the Date and Time button in th eText group on the ___tab, you can take advantage of several formatting options for the current date.
a) Layout
b) Insert
c) Home
d) Design

Customized sets of theme ___ include combinations that are not included in any of the themes installed with Word.
a) colors
b) fonts
c) effects
d) colors & fonts

Every new, blank document that you open in Word is a copy of the ___ template.
a) Master
b) Default
c) Normal
d) Index

If you change an outline level from a level-2 heading to a level-3 heading, you ___ the level.
a) promote
b) demote
c) ehance
d) migrate

If you change an outline level from a level-3 heading to a level-2 heading, you ___ the level.
a) promote
b) demote
c) enhance
d) migrate

Press the ___ key to deselect a control.
a) Ctrl
b) Esc
c) Alt
d) Shift

The ___ is a Word feature that contatins lists of words and their synonyms.
a) Thesaurus
b) Glossary
c) Table of Contents
d) Index

The colors associated with the Office theme format headings in ___.
a) blue
b) red
c) green
d) white

The document title and subtitle are examples of ___ in a template.
a) controls
b) indices
c) keys
d) links

The theme fonts for the heading an body appear at the top of the Font list on the ___tab.
a) Insert
b) Design
c) Home
d) Styles

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