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____ fields can be unique or nonunique.
a) Primary Key
b) Sort
c) Cascading
d) Foreign Key

A lengthy or complicated expression will normally be too large to be shown in its entirety in the ___ text box.
a) Show
b) Criteria
c) Field
d) Expression

A selection conditon that dictates that the value in the specified field must precisely match the condition is known as a(n) ___ match.
a) specific
b) exact
c) selection
d) value

A temporary subset of selected records can be created by defining a ____.
a) hyperlink
b) filter
c) screen
d) report

Access saves changes to field values automatically when you ___.
a) move the insertion point to a new field
b) move the insertion point to another record
c) close the table
d) all of the above

After applying a filter, you can click the ___ button to toggle between filter and nonfiltered displays.
a) Run
b) View all
c) Remove filter
d) Toggle filter

Before you can click a sort button on the toolbar to sort the data, you must first ___.
a) determine the primary key
b) click the view buttons
c) select a column on which to base the sort
d) save the query

Filter By ___ is a simple technique for filtering records that lets you select all or part of a field value.
a) Design
b) Aggregate
c) Selection
d) Form

Generalized queries that specify fields and records to be selected are called ___ queries.
a) simple
b) select
c) criteria
d) normal

If a recond in one table matches several records in a related table, the relationship is called a(n) ___ relationship.
a) consistent
b) one-to-many
c) many-to-one
d) nonunique

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