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Evolution that occurs on a large scale with many species is
a) macroevolution
b) microevolution
c) gene pool stagnation
d) gene flow

The principle of overproduction of offspring states that more offspring increases change of surival but also increases
a) competition for foood
b) fitness
c) extinction
d) death rate

The idea that changes in environment over time can cause changes in population is
a) decent with modification
b) variation
c) adaption
d) fitness

When a population is not evolving it is called
a) genetic equilibrium
b) extinction
c) natural selection
d) fitness

A gene pool typically contains two or more of these for each gene
a) alleles
b) DNA
c) proteins

Allele frequencies in a population will remain constant unless one or more of 5 factors cause frequencies to change is what principle
a) Hardy-Weinberg
b) Darwins
c) Survival of Fittest
d) Natural Selection

This record provides evidence about the history of life
a) fossil
b) rock
c) animal
d) bone

Two similar species developing differneces due to different environments is
a) adaptive radiation
b) coevolution
c) convergent adaption
d) natural selection

A group of organisms that share similar characterics and can interbreed are called
a) species
b) reproducers
c) genus
d) orders

Migration can cause
a) gene flow
b) genetic equilibrium
c) gene drift
d) fitness

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