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One of the conditions required to maintain genetic equilibrium is
a) no movement in or out of population
b) nonrandom mating
c) mutations
d) natural selection

The seperation of populations by barriers such as rivers or mountians is called
a) geographic isolation
b) temporal isolation
c) behavorial isolation
d) genetic isolation

A factor necessary for the formation of a new species is
a) reproductive isolation
b) similar mating behaviors
c) change in temperature
d) migration

What is an advantage of meiosis
a) increase of genetic variation
b) limited offspring
c) lots of offspring
d) limited genetic variation

What is an advantage of asexual reproduction
a) many offspring
b) limited offspring
c) limited genetic variation
d) great genetic variation

Two species that evolve in response to each other is
a) coevolution
b) punctauted equilibrium
c) adaptive radiation
d) convergent evolution

Different species that have evolved to have similar body structure are result of
a) convergent evolution
b) divergent evolution
c) coevolution
d) adaptive radiation

Similar genes are evidence of
a) common ancestry
b) different anatomy
c) mutations

What do all organisms have in common
a) DNA and RNA
b) they are prokaryotes
c) they are eukaryotes
d) they have bones

Extinction can be caused by
a) all of the above
b) changes in climate
c) other organisms
d) natural disasters

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