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3rd Review For The Road To Revolution And America Secedes From The Empire.[print questions]

Effect of the war on the colonies
a) Runaway inflation
b) Increase in the strength of the dollar
c) Expanded world trade
d) Loss of fishing rights on the Grand Banks

Hero of the American Revolution and father of the United States Navy.
a) John Paul Jones
b) George Washington
c) Marquis de Layfayette
d) Oliver Perry

Result of Iroquois support for the British.
a) Forced to cede most of their land to America
b) Britain supported their land claims
c) Proclamation of 1763
d) Establishment of the Indian Hunting Grounds in all lands drained by the Mississippi River

Why was fighting so bitter in the South?
a) Family against family
b) Rough terrain
c) Swampy
d) Not enough people

What kind of war was waged in the South?
a) Guerrilla War
b) Set piece battles
c) Militia against militia
d) Urban war

Purpose of French support for the American cause.
a) Weaken the British
b) Reestablish their colonies west of the Mississippi
c) Support for democratic government
d) Support for republicanism

Why has winter at Valley Forge become so important in American History?
a) Symbolizes American suffering
b) Convinced France to ally with America
c) Convinced Spain to ally with America
d) Allowed John Hancock to train the soldiers

Importance of the Battle of Saratoga.
a) Turning point of the war
b) Convinced France to ally with America
c) Convinced Spain to ally with America
d) All of the above

Purpose of the Battle of Trenton
a) Provide a moral victory to the colonies prior to enlistments ending
b) Strike the heart of the British Army
c) Seize a strategic victory
d) Relieve the Port of Boston

Reason for British loss
a) Poor communication, apathy, economic impact
b) Outclassed by the American Army
c) Losses at sea
d) Guerrilla war in the North

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