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Do Your Best With The Indians Of The Southwest.[print questions]

The Pueblo peoples and other American Indian groups in the Southwest lived mostly in what is now
a) Arizona and New Mexico.
b) North and South Dakota
c) Wyoming and Colorado.
d) Oregon and Washington.

The Southwest has intense summer heat, bitter winter cold, and little
a) rainfall.
b) wildlife.
c) natural beauty.
d) influence on history.

Since wood was scarce, most Pueblo Indians lived in shelters made of mud, stone, or
a) adobe.
b) kiva.
c) wampum.
d) travois.

Pueblo Indians also harvested cotton, which they used to weave into types of cloth or fabric called
a) textiles.
b) kachinas.
c) travois.
d) kivas.

Men carved and painted masks worn in religious ceremonies. The masks represented important spirits called
a) kachinas.
b) wampums.
c) hopis.
d) gremlins.

The Pueblo Indians lived in mostly desert areas, where few trees grew. As a result, water and wood were often
a) scarce.
b) abundant.
c) plentiful.
d) rotten.

Some Pueblo tribes built settlements on steep canyon walls or flat-topped mountains called
a) mesas.
b) plateaus.
c) canyons.
d) ridges.

Pueblo peoples also held smaller ceremonies in underground
a) kivas.
b) kachinas.
c) wampums.
d) adobes.

In the past, two of the American Indian tribes in the Southwest were the
a) Hopi and Zuni.
b) Nakota and Catawba.
c) Lakota and Powhatan.
d) Kachina Indians.

Most other tribes in the Southwest became known as
a) Pueblo Indians.
b) Eastern Desert Indians.
c) South Desert Indians.
d) Kachina Indians.

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